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Doctorate in Education Degrees in Alabama

The Doctorate of Education or Ed.D is designed to prepare educators for leadership roles in teaching with visionary purpose and critical concepts for transformative change. With a curriculum grounded in real-world applications, your Ed.D can provide you with limitless opportunities and immense professional and personal rewards in Alabama. Advanced tools in education enable the scholarly practitioner to influence and impact the education of a society. The Ed.D is the ultimate expression of your commitment and passion for education.

EducationDegree.com has relationships with hundreds of schools that offer EdD programs for students who want to earn their doctorate in education. If you want to reach the next level in your career, use our comprehensive listings to find schools that can help you reach your goals in education. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to contact multiple schools to make sure you choose the right one.

Earning Your Ed.D in Alabama

Graduates of an Ed.D program are the modern visionaries and scholars of educational practice. With many specialty areas of mastery to choose from, your curriculum of design may be well-planned and encompass your personal custom-designed pathway. Examples of areas of instruction may be some of the following:

  • Educational Leadership
  • Concentration in Special, Secondary and Elementary Education
  • Organizational Management
  • Education and Behavioral Health

Advanced learning theories, research and policy skills may define your curriculum in several areas in your specialty such as:

  • Policymaking for Organizational Leadership
  • Special Education: Curriculum and Teaching
  • Philosophy of Educational Reform

Career Outlook for Graduates in Alabama

In public schools, universities and colleges all throughout Alabama, Ed.D graduates are needed to provide advanced research to design learning programs, organize departments of education and educate the teachers. Tech savvy educators are also needed to infuse technology into classroom teaching with effective strategies. According to All Alabama news in 2012, Dr. Wardynski was honored for implementing digital curriculum that has impacted 25,000 students in Huntsville, Alabama public schools.

As a professor in higher education, you can experience the complete autonomy that is provided the leaders of a higher level and expertise of instruction. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, salaries for doctoral prepared educators in the Alabama universities and colleges range between $109,900 to $132,900+ per year.

Teachers prepared with doctoral degrees may also provide leadership in lucrative positions in the other areas of governmental and industrial areas. The YMCA, the American Red Cross and the Department of Veterans Affairs require educational scholars in the organization and development of programs for entire departments.

Corporate and industrial areas in need of educational programs in Alabama include AT&T, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama and Southern Research Institute. Corporate policies, the design of curriculum and the organization of educational departments for employees are needed by private companies for training and compliance. With an Ed.D in Alabama, you may find exciting and lucrative positions that are in need of scholarly practitioners.

The Benefits of Achieving an Ed.D

For those who wish to contribute and impact the future of education in America, an Ed.D is essential to the preparation of envisioning the “Big Picture.” Your opportunities in educational research, leadership and reform are both challenging and rewarding in the institution of changes that lead and benefit society.

If you are ready for new opportunities in the field of education, use our resources to request information from the schools that interest you!