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Texas Bachelor’s of Education Programs

The state of Texas appreciates and values the importance of educators that prepare and motivate their children. Educators can inspire new generations to contribute to their communities and aspire to a high-quality life. Dedicated teachers may enjoy higher compensation and effective support of education leaders and parents who respect and value professional educators.

EducationDegree.com was created to help prospective students find the information and resources to learn about teaching careers, and what it takes to succeed in education. Below you can read about earning your bachelors in education in Texas, and contact schools that offer programs for Texas students. Take some time to learn more about the benefits of becoming a teacher and contact schools to compare programs!

Earning your Bachelor in Education in Texas

Teaching in the great state of Texas can be a rewarding career that embraces a diverse population and an array of educational opportunities. A bachelor’s in the arts or BA degree provides you with a rounded education in the humanities that prepares you to be a highly qualified elementary, secondary or special education teacher. In addition to general education courses, your core classes will focus on your specialty area such as:

  • Developing Communications in the Elementary School
  • Basic Design of Secondary School Curricula and Theory
  • Foundations of Art Education for School Age Children
  • Learning Theories and Research Design
  • History, Current Trends and The Philosophy of Modern Education
  • Humanities with an Option for a Second Language

In addition to the completion of an undergraduate degree in your chosen field of study, you will need to become licensed by the State Board of Education in Texas. These requirements include course and field work that should be included in your core curriculum to prepare for this state-defined licensing examination.

Career Outlook for Graduates in Texas

Texas continues to experience a high growth in cities that creates an exceptional need for teachers in all areas of education. Teachers who work in Texas may find excellent opportunities in private schools, public schools and administrative positions. Educators can also work with children in education outreach centers, academic advisory positions and as school counselors.

Teaching provides a diverse field of limitless opportunities for educators in Texas. Corporations in Texas require educators to provide expert design and development of curriculum and teaching materials for employee education and in-services. Companies such as La Quinta Inns, CVS Caremark and RiceTec Inc. in Texas seek training and management developers to provide assessment and the evaluation of teaching procedures for their employees.

Average Salary for Texas Teachers

According to the Austin Independent School District salary schedule, teachers in Texas can expect a salary in public schools that averages approximately $44,000 for 10 months of service in a school year. Educators that conduct classes with excellent academic success can experience higher salaries over the course of their career.

The Benefits of a BA in Education

An bachelor’s degree in education will provide you with a rewarding career that offers an excellent salary, opportunities for growth and diverse and lucrative job possibilities. As outlined in the Dallas News, Texas continues to award top teachers that promote academic excellence in the classroom. Although teachers in Texas may elect to work all year long, they also may take advantage of long summer vacations and spend more time with their families.

Take some time to review the featured schools below that offer Bachelor’s in Education programs for Texas students. Once you find a few programs that interest you, easily request information to learn more. Generally, it’s a good idea to compare multiple programs to make sure you choose the right one.