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South Dakota Bachelor’s in Education Programs

If you want to become a teacher in South Dakota, EducationDegree.com can help you find and compare Bachelor’s in education programs from the South Dakota universities offering them. Read on to learn more about becoming a teacher in South Dakota, or begin exploring the featured schools on this page. We recommend contacting several schools to gather more information about each program and its benefits, helping you to make the most informed decision possible about the future of your education.

Earning your Bachelor’s in Education South Dakota

Selecting the right Bachelor’s in education program is important, as it will determine the focus of your studies and direct you on your path to becoming a teacher in South Dakota. As you consider schools, keep in mind what area of education you would like to teach and eventually become certified in. Common “majors” or degree concentrations offered by South Dakota universities include:

  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Special Education

Curriculum in most Bachelor’s in education programs offered in South Dakota will begin with a foundation of general education courses in math, English, natural sciences, psychology and the arts and humanities. As you get further into the program, you will begin to take classes focused on your degree concentration, the methodology of teaching, and incorporating technology into the classroom. In the last year of your Bachelor’s program, sometimes referred to as a teacher preparation program, you will have a field experience component such as student teaching or an internship.

To earn your initial teacher certification in South Dakota, you will need to have verification from your university that you completed an education program, complete six credits within the past five years, and pass the required Praxis II tests for South Dakota. If you have completed your Bachelor’s degree in education but have not met the other two requirements, you can apply for a one-year certificate.

Career Outlook for Teachers in South Dakota

Choosing to study a teacher shortage area in South Dakota has many benefits: you may qualify for teacher loan forgiveness, you may increase your chances of employment post-graduation, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to fill a gap in the state’s education needs. Currently, the South Dakota Department of Education lists the following academic disciplines as shortage areas:

  • English as a New Language (K-12)
  • Language Arts (7-12)
  • Mathematics (7-12)
  • Science (7-12)
  • Special Education (K-12)
  • World Languages (K-12)

One of the benefits to teaching in South Dakota is the student-to-teacher ratio: 13 to 1, lower than the national average. While teacher salaries in South Dakota are slightly below national average, cost of living in South Dakota is lower than in many states in the nation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual mean wage of popular teaching positions in South Dakota in 2012 included:

If you’re ready to take the first step to becoming a teacher in South Dakota, act today! Explore the featured schools on this page, and request information from a few to learn more about the benefits of their programs. As a general rule, we recommend contacting several schools so you can compare programs and find the best fit for your educational needs.