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Pennsylvania Bachelor’s in Education Programs

Teachers in Pennsylvania will experience a community of educators in the State of Independence that are indelibly committed to education. A bachelor’s of arts or a BA in education is required to teach in some of the most celebrated public schools in America. With ongoing support and mentoring from seasoned educators, you will be welcomed into the highest standards of professional teaching.

If you are looking to meet Pennsylvania’s teaching requirements, earning your degree in education is a great step toward a teaching career. EducationDegree.com maintains one of the web’s most comprehensive resources for aspiring teachers. Read more about earning an education degree in Pennsylvania, and then request information about our featured programs to compare their benefits. It’s important to review multiple programs to make the best decision.

Earning Your Bachelor’s in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania requires a BA in education that includes the appropriate core courses of your specialty area or major. Pennsylvania offers specialties that are in your area of interest and certification. Some subjects that are certification eligible are as follows:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Art Teacher
  • Music Teacher
  • Special Education
  • High School Education
  • Technology Education

In addition to a special focus on the liberal arts, your curriculum will also reflect the core courses for your major or specialty. Basic preparation for teaching courses, introduction to philosophy of education and methods in teaching will provide a foundation for preparing you in your new career. Core courses that concentrate on your specialty area may include the following:

  • Social and Cultural Factors in Learning
  • Methods in Teaching Elementary Reading
  • Adolescent Literature and Developing Language
  • Teaching Literacy for Young Children
  • Special Education Assessment and Adaptation Strategies

After completion of your BA in Education, you will be required to take a teacher preparation program that is defined by the Pennsylvania Board of Education. Testing, coursework and fieldwork are included in the certification program and result in a final examination for certification in your subject of instruction. Teachers may gain full employment while taking up to three years to complete the teaching credentials and licensure.

Career Outlook for Pennsylvania Teachers

A teaching degree and licensure is the foundation for many areas of educational opportunities. Teachers in Pennsylvania may work in some of the highest ranked and advanced schools in the country. Public schools have a high demand for teachers in all grade levels with a huge demand for special education areas. Private schools provide equally lucrative opportunities and include the Sylvan Learning Center, Charter Schools and Montessori style education programs.

Educators can also elect to work in nontraditional areas or corporate training and instruction. Corporations such as General Motors Corporation, IBM and Vanguard hire teachers to design curriculum, assess instructional programs and evaluate learning materials.

Teacher Salaries in Pennsylvania

The board of education generated website called Open PA Gov reports the average teacher salary at approximately $71,245 for a 10 month work year. Salaries in education continue to reflect some of the highest paid employees in education in the country.

Pennsylvania is an exceptional state for educators to feel fully effective. According to Newsweek, as reported by the Daily Beast, Pennsylvania had several high schools ranked in the top 2000 as high as number 56. Methods used to rank high schools included college acceptance percentages, SAT scores and graduation rate. With your bachelors in education, you can enjoy the challenges and rewards of teaching in academic excellence.

Start looking for the right BA in education with the help of our directory. Consider requesting information from online and campus based programs to find one that fits your life and career goals.

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