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Minnesota Bachelor’s in Education Programs

Minnesota promotes a highly progressive educational system that values teachers who help children grow into knowledgeable, empathetic and effective adults. Credited as one of the nation’s highest ranking public school systems, Minnesota invests heavily and supports their valued professional teachers with competitive salaries and extensive benefits.

If you want to start a teaching career in Minnesota, it’s time to think about earning your Bachelor’s degree in education. EducationDegree.com maintains one of the most comprehensive directories of teaching degree programs on the web. We have hundreds of schools for you to consider – and we make it easy for you to contact multiple schools without searching multiple sites. Take some time to learn more about earning your bachelor’s in education in Minnesota. As a general rule, we advise that you request information from different schools to make sure you choose the right one.

Earning Your Bachelor in Education in Minnesota

All aspiring teachers who desire a career in public education require a bachelor’s degree and the completion of a teaching licensure credential. A bachelor’s of art or BA degree with a concentration in a field of education will prepare you to be a high quality and effective teacher. Choosing your field of specialty is your first step in selecting an educational program from one of several available majors such as:

  • Early Childhood Specialization
  • Parent and Family Education
  • Middle Level Education in Communications, Arts and Literature
  • Secondary Educational Specialist
  • Special Education Specialties
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist

Your bachelor of education will include general education courses that are common to all BA degrees and will promote your knowledge with a well-rounded, flexible education. However, your special area of focus will determine the core courses that define your BA. Your course curriculum may include some of the following:

  • Child Development in Literacy
  • Current Trends in Educational Philosophy
  • Learning Theories and Effective Communications
  • Philosophy of Special Education
  • Education of the Arts

After graduation, candidates are required to complete a teacher licensing credential program that is outlined and defined by the Minnesota Board of Education.

Career Outlook for Professional Teachers

A bachelor of education will provide you numerous opportunities that may be in traditional or non-traditional areas of the classroom. In a supportive educational public or private school system, teachers may practice their specialty with autonomy and creativity in their classrooms. Educators are also employed as school counselors, principals, academic advisors and work for virtual online high schools.

Teachers are needed wherever education is required. Corporations and companies in Minnesota such as Life Time Fitness for children, director of education for 3M and Vista Equity Partners employ teachers to write their curriculum, design education programs and evaluate existing programs for their employees.

The Highlights of Teaching in Minnesota

Minnesota continues to provide support and dedication to the education of their children. According to CBS Minnesota news, teaching children to express their love of the arts is highly encouraged with special programs made available for students who desire an education in the arts. In this program, students are taught to value their creativity and share their knowledge with other students as mentors.

Take the next step toward a career inspiring the next general of students in the classroom. Use EducationDegree.com to locate and compare bachelor’s in education programs that can help you reach your goals.

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