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Michigan Bachelor’s in Education Programs

Becoming a teacher is a rewarding career for many. As a teacher you will have the opportunity to instruct your community’s youth and help shape young minds. As an educator in Michigan, you will enjoy the dedication of educational leaders that support and value teachers.

The first step to becoming a teacher in Michigan is finding the right Bachelor’s in education program for you. At EducationDegree.com, we make it simple to find accredited Michigan universities offering education programs and easy to contact several at once. As a general rule, we recommend contacting multiple schools to help compare programs and find the right fit for you!

Earning Your Bachelor’s in Education in Michigan

A Bachelor’s in education aims to provide an integrative approach that encompasses real-world experience, sensitivity to cultural diversity and competencies in academic areas of higher education. General curriculum in a BA program will cover topics in the humanities, social sciences and the philosophies to provide a well-rounded education, as well as include classes focused on your chosen degree concentration or major. This degree concentration will determine what area of licensure you seek post-graduation. Michigan offers several certificates that you may become licensed in, such as:

  • School Guidance Counselor
  • Special Education for specified grades
  • Secondary Education (Grades 7 to 12)
  • Early Child Care
  • Elementary School Education

Courses in your degree concentration will usually comprise 15 to 30 credits of your Bachelor’s in education program and provide a teaching practicum experience in your selected subject. Your core courses may include some of the following:

  • Language and Learning in Young Children
  • Curriculum and Design for Elementary Programs
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Assessment of Exceptional Children
  • Teaching Secondary Programs with Technology

In the final days of graduation, you may be expected to begin a teacher preparation program for the initial coursework and fieldwork required to become certified in your instructional area. You may work as a full-time teacher for three years under a provisional license while completing your teaching credentials.

The Outlook for Teachers in Michigan

With a recent increase in the need for teachers, Michigan needs educators to join the ranks of its public and private school system. If you’re looking to potentially increase your chances of employment post-graduation and fill a need in Michigan’s school system, consider majoring in a high-need subject area. The Detroit Public Schools system lists the following subjects as critical shortage areas:

  • Early Childhood Teacher
  • Physical Education/Students with Disabilities
  • Secondary: Math and Science
  • Special Education: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cognitively Impaired, Emotionally Impaired
  • World Languages: Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Latin

Educators specializing in early childhood education and special education may particularly benefit in Michigan. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Michigan’s nonmetropolitan areas have some of the highest levels of employment for preschool, kindergarten and special education teachers; Michigan also ranks among the top five highest-paying states for preschool teachers. Other teaching positions in Michigan can expect to make competitive pay. In 2012, the BLS reported the annual mean wage of popular positions as:

Becoming a teacher in Michigan has other hidden benefits, too—such as having summer vacations for time to relax, rewind and prepare for the coming semester.

Take the first step to becoming a teacher in Michigan! Explore our featured schools on this page, then contact several to compare programs. With a teaching career you can be an inspiration to students and enjoy a rewarding career!

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