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Massachusetts Bachelor’s in Education Programs

The educational system in Massachusetts includes some of the most successful elementary and secondary schools in the country. The dedication of the educational community continues to demonstrate the high regard and respect for teachers who truly make a difference in their students’ lives. A bachelor’s of the arts or BA degree will provide you with an array of opportunities and a rewarding professional career in teaching.

EducationDegree.com wants to help students in Massachusetts understand their options for schools that offer Bachelor’s in Education programs. We have complete listings and current information about pursuing a teaching career. If you want to start a career in education, start looking for the right bachelor’s program today. Use our efficient process for contacting several schools to request information.

Earning Your Bachelor’s in Massachusetts

To gain successful employment as a teacher in Massachusetts, you will be required to complete a BA in an education concentration that can assist you in preparation for a teaching career. In addition to English composition, humanities and other general classes in the arts, you will take core courses that focus on your specialty area. Your BA in education concentrations may include the following:

  • Early Childhood Education for Elementary Level
  • Early Childhood Care for Headstart and Preschool Teachers
  • Secondary Education for Middle and High School Specialties
  • Special Education for Elementary and Middle School Students

Depending on your major in your BA degree, your core courses will reflect your specialty area of concentration. The following courses may be included in your curriculum focus:

  • Teaching Writing in Elementary Schools
  • Learning Theories and Educational Research for Teachers
  • The Use of Learning Technologies in the Classroom
  • Literacy Assessment and Instruction
  • Introduction to the Philosophy of Secondary Education

In addition to completing your Bachelor of Education, Massachusetts also requires that you complete a state-defined teaching licensure exam to become eligible for a teaching position in the public school system. The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education provide an educator preparation program that guides the prospective teacher towards their credentials.

Career Outlook for Graduates in Massachusetts

A Bachelor in Education will provide teachers with excellent opportunities in the high ranking public education system and the innovative private schools in Massachusetts. Teachers can also take positions as school counselors, academic advisors and administrative roles such as school principal or department director. Teachers also work for the YMCA of Greater Boston.

The teaching profession also opens doors to corporations that require curriculum design and evaluation of the training of their employees. A teacher is skilled in preparing educational materials, implementing strategies and applying educational theories to ensure courses are successful. Companies that hire teachers may include Microsoft Stores, Mercy Corps or the Berlitz language company.

Average Teacher Salaries in Massachusetts

According to the U.S. News and World Report, the average salary for teachers who work in the public system is approximately $54,270 per year with Lawrence and Salem MA providing some of the highest paid salaries in the country.

The Benefits of a BA in Education

Teachers in Massachusetts enjoy a rewarding career, an excellent salary and a profession that may bring them the numerous benefits of tenure. In an inspiring article from Time Magazine, Massachusetts has an innovative and progressive educational system that is changing the way education is presented and defined.

If you want to become a teacher in Massachusetts, review the listings of Bachelor’s in Education programs and contact schools that interest you. As a general rule, it’s better to request information from multiple schools to make sure you choose the right one.

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