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Kentucky Bachelor’s in Education Programs

If you desire to impact your community by educating the minds of tomorrow, a teaching career may be your calling. In Kentucky, new teachers can enter into an educational environment that supports new graduates with mentoring and teacher preparation programs. A Bachelor’s in education program can help prepare new graduates for an excellent professional career that is both challenging and rewarding.

At EducationDegree.com we make it simple for you to find, contact and compare different Bachelor’s in education programs offered by both online and Kentucky universities. Read on to learn more about typical programs and becoming a teacher in Kentucky, or begin exploring the featured schools on this page for more information.

Earning Your Bachelor’s in Education in Kentucky

Your first step to becoming a teacher in Kentucky is finding the right Bachelor’s in education program for your needs and selecting an area of specialty that you want to teach. Kentucky offers many specialty areas for certification, including:

  • Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (Birth to Kindergarten)
  • Middle School Education (Grades 5 to 9)
  • Secondary Education (Grades 8 to 12)
  • Exceptional Children (Primary to Grade 12)

Core courses in your Bachelor’s in education program will be determined by your major. Depending on the area of instruction you have selected, you may take some of the following classes:

  • Teaching Literacy through Art in Children
  • Current Trends and History of Elementary Education
  • Literature for Adolescents
  • The Development of Cognition and Social Awareness in Children
  • Special Education Strategies for School-Age Children

After graduation, Kentucky may provide a three-year grace period that allows you to work as a full- or part-time teacher as you pursue your credentials. A teacher preparation program contains coursework and clinical teaching experience that prepares you for the testing required for your teaching licensure.

Career Outlook for Teachers in Kentucky

Numerous opportunities are available for the new professional teacher in the classrooms of Kentucky. The National Education Association reports the biggest teacher shortages in Kentucky in rural eastern areas of the state and in special education. If you’re looking for a state with high academic standards, Kentucky could be a good place to start your career. Forbes magazine recently listed Lexington-Fayette as one of the top metro areas in the nation to educate children.

Private schools in Kentucky are also offering rewarding opportunities in elementary, secondary and high school programs. Teachers may also work for the non-profits such as the American Red Cross, child outreach centers and the YMCA. Your educational expertise may translate to any area of education in the private or public setting.

In terms of salary, Kentucky offers pay competitive with surrounding states. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012 the annual mean wage of several popular teaching positions in Kentucky was:

  • $49,470 for elementary school teachers
  • $49,870 for middle school teachers
  • $51,090 for secondary school teachers
  • $49,270 for special education teachers

Kentucky also provides teachers with a benefits package that includes retirement and health care coverage. Teachers may also take advantage of an extended vacation that permits them to travel, stay home for family time or revitalize for the coming New Year.

Take the first step in becoming a teacher in Kentucky today! Explore the featured schools on this page, and request information from a few to start the process of gathering information. We recommend contacting multiple schools to help you make the most informed decision possible about your future.

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