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Kansas Bachelor’s in Education Programs

Teachers who make a difference in the lives of public and private school students may find the challenges and rewards of a career in education self-satisfying and discover numerous opportunities in the realm of education.

If you are ready to pursue a successful teaching career in Kansas, consider earning your bachelor’s in education. With EducationDegree.com you can connect with colleges that offer accredited programs without the hassle of visiting multiple websites. We recommend contacting at least three schools to make sure you choose the best one for you.

Earning your Bachelor in Education in Kansas

The completion of a bachelor’s in the arts or BA degree provides a strong foundation for reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving skills. As you research into the human experience of the humanities, you may gain insight that promotes creativity, enhances an understanding of diverse cultures and the ability to share your knowledge with your students. Your course curriculum is designed as a path that prepares you for the journey of an educator that may positively impact the lives of future generations. Your core courses may include the following:

  • Psychology of the Young Learner
  • Growth and Development of Elementary School Children
  • The Exceptional Child and the Inclusive Classroom
  • Learning Technologies in the Classroom
  • Educational Research, Conceptual Frameworks and Learning Theories
  • Using Art as a Learning Tool

A carefully designed curriculum may also assist you in completing your teaching certification. In addition to completing your degree, teaching credentials may require additional coursework, a teaching practicum and specific testing. Ensure your courses are adjusted in concert with your teaching goals and requirements.

Career Outlook for Graduates in Kansas

If you choose your career destination as a public or private school teacher, Kansas is in need of educators in all fields and levels of education. Teachers may find extraordinary opportunities in public schools and you may enjoy a high level of autonomy in your own teaching style. Private schools also offer lucrative options for teaching high-performing students and exceptional children. Positions for educators are also available in administrative roles, department leaders and student counselors.

As an educator, you may also take advantage of the industrial, business or corporate side of education. Corporations require teachers who can design educational programs for employees in a limitless number of situations to meet state, local and policy requirements. Companies in Kansas, such as Mojack, Pivot Employment and IdeaTek consistently require educators to construct policy, design curriculum and organize departments in education.

Average Salary for Teachers in Kansas

According to the Kansas Department of Commerce, the population of Kansas enjoys the eight lowest cost of living average across the country. In addition, Forbes Magazine ranked Kansas as the 3rd best place to practice an education career or start a small business. As reported by the Kansas City Kansas Public Schools, a new teaching graduate can expect to receive a starting salary of approximately $40,000 per 10 month school year.

Benefits of a Bachelors in Education Degree

Kansas offers teachers of academic excellence ideal opportunities for growth, autonomy and options for the future. As a respected educator, you may enjoy an excellent salary, comprehensive health insurance and retirement benefits. You may also appreciate taking the summer off to relax and unwind, spend time with your children or travel to places to learn and explore.

If you want to enter the field of education and teach in Kansas, review our school listings below to request more information about their programs!

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