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Georgia Bachelor’s in Education Programs

As a professional educator in Georgia, you will enjoy a teacher friendly environment that supports your efforts as a valued teacher. With a bachelor’s of arts or BA in education, you can experience a flexible schedule that will allow you to spend precious time with your family or take the summer to relax and recharge your resourceful spirit. A BA degree can help you make a difference in children’s lives while providing you with the autonomy and the movement of a professional career.

If a teaching career sounds like the perfect fit for you, use our resources and directory of hundreds of schools to make the right decision. Our goal at EducationDegree.com is to provide students like you the best resources to compare programs and request information from schools. To be sure you make the right choice, it’s a good idea to contact multiple schools for more information.

Earning Your Bachelors in Georgia

In the pursuit of a teaching career, you are required to complete a Bachelor’s in Education Degree. Liberal arts classes will comprise some of your credits and provide you with a well-rounded foundation of study. Choosing your area of specialty will determine your core courses and provide you with a specific area of practice in education. The areas of teaching that are available in Georgia include the following:

  • Early Child Care for Preschool
  • Early Childhood Elementary Education
  • Secondary School Specialty for Middle and High School Education
  • Special Education Specialties and Concentrations

Your core courses in your chosen major or specialty will focus on your selected area of expertise. Courses that help you aspire to an educator in your chosen field may be some of the following:

  • Child Literacy in Elementary Grades
  • The Philosophy of Child Development
  • Introduction to Special Education
  • Teaching Art in Early Childhood

In addition to a BA in education, you will be required to complete your Georgia State Board of Education preparation for your licensure and teaching credentials. Your licensure is a combination of course and field work that will satisfy your requirements to sit for the state-defined examination.

Career Outlook for Graduates in Georgia

Teachers in Georgia find a multitude of job opportunities that are available in or out of the traditional classroom. The Georgia public school system is progressive and allows teachers to structure their classrooms with their own personality and personal style. Depending on your specialty area of focus, you can find excellent salaries and benefits in public and private schools. Teaching is a real profession and many educators eventually move to school counselor, principal or academic advisor.

A true advantage to teaching is the endless opportunities available in many areas that call for your expertise in education. Companies employ educators to assist their workers with learning or they desire an expert to design and evaluate their teaching programs. Agencies such as UnitedHealth Group and Lockheed Martin Corporation require teachers to assess and evaluate training programs for efficiency and effectiveness. Salaries are lucrative and provide avenues to other exciting opportunities.

Teacher Salaries in Georgia

As outlined in Forbes Magazine, educators receive excellent salaries that promise to increase over their career. The many benefits of tenure also bring financial and job security with an excellent pension that provides a comfortable retirement.

Learn more about pursuing a career in the field of education. Compare bachelors in education programs that can help you learn the skills to inspire students as a teacher in Georgia!

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