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Florida Bachelors in Education Programs

When you choose to be a teacher in Florida, you will be welcomed into an environment that is dedicated to the education of their community. With a Bachelor’s of Arts or BA in education, you will be prepared for the challenges and rewards of a teaching career. Professional teachers in the Sunshine State enjoy a supportive environment that enhances an autonomous teaching practice and provides numerous career opportunities.

EducationDegree.com wants to help you understand the benefits of becoming a teacher in Florida. We also offer you an easy process for requesting information from the schools that interest you. Take some time to learn more about Florida teaching careers and how you can get started. We recommend contacting multiple schools about their programs to be sure you weigh your decision carefully.

Earning Your Bachelor’s in Florida

Your journey begins with an accredited BA in education program that will prepare you for your role as a professional educator. Before you enroll in a program, it is necessary to choose an area of education that you desire to major or specialize. Florida has many subjects to choose from that include some of the following:

  • Elementary Education
  • Primary/Prekindergarten Education
  • Middle Grades
  • High School Grades
  • Special Education

Next, your curriculum will include classes in the liberal arts that provide the foundation of critical thinking and problem solving skills. Your concentration in education will be satisfied with the core courses in your specialty. The following courses may be included in your curriculum such as:

  • Introduction to the Philosophy of Teaching Primary School
  • Special Education Assessment
  • Social Foundations of Secondary Education
  • Elementary Curriculum and Design

In addition to the completion of a BA in education, prospective teachers in Florida are required to complete a three-part teacher certification examination. You may be granted a temporary teaching certificate and become employed as a full time teacher for three years as you work on the completion of the Florida Teacher Certification Examination.

Career Outlook for Graduates in Florida

As a teacher in Florida, you will have numerous opportunities in the public and private school system. Teachers are in high demand in most counties and specialties in education are needed. In addition to teaching in the classroom, teachers may also take positions in school counseling, academic advisors or department directors. Teachers may also secure positions in publicly sponsored virtual online classrooms that assist children with learning at home.

Nontraditional teaching jobs are also available for corporate training and anywhere that education is needed. Your knowledge of design and curriculum is a skill that will translate to companies that require employee training. Companies such as Edmentum Inc. and Honeywell Corporation hire teachers in Florida to assist with training their employees.

Teacher Salaries in Florida

The average teacher salary is approximately $49,670 per year for Florida teachers, however; according to the Miami Herald, Governor Rick Scott recently enacted a new budget that raises each teacher pay about $2,500 to 3,500 in response to the excellent job they have done by raising the educational level of Florida students.

Teachers in Florida may take advantage of the 10 month work year and spend a vacation with their family or elect to travel around the world. Teaching is a profession that will continue to inspire you and your students for a lifelong journey of learning.

Prepare to start your career as an educator in Florida with the right bachelor’s in education degree program. To find out more about your potential for success, request information from our featured schools to move closer to your goal of a teaching career!

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