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Alternative certification routes have existed in West Virginia for many years, but they are not highly utilized.

Contact the West Virginia schools with alternative teaching certification programs to learn more.

Top Online Schools for Teachers In West Virginia

West Virginia is in the midst of an uptick with regards to the
outlook for teaching jobs when compared to other states in
the nation. With that in mind, established professionals and
colleges have taken it upon themselves to provide a network
of information to gain teaching certification through alternative
means over the years.

Grand Canyon University Online
Online learning at Grand Canyon University has been a key
component for those aiming to become teaching professionals.
The school offers a plethora of degrees and certifications, and
has dedicated staff in place to lend guidance to students from
all backgrounds.

University of West Virginia
The University of West Virginia does offer online courses to
prospective students, with degrees available in education among
the 35 different disciplines. The school also has a slew of
resources for online students including digital textbooks.

Walden University Online
Walden University is home to a well-regarded online degree
program with a number of them dedicated to education. Those
further interested in the school may want to look towards their
alumni support network that helps students in terms of research
and fieldwork opportunities as they learn.

Marshall University
Marshall University offers a select number of online degrees in
education for aspiring teaching students. The degrees are mainly
for masters level students. In addition, the school also has a
full-fledged certificate program directed towards specialized
studies in the educational field.

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