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Alternative Teaching Certification Programs in Washington

Washington State is facing teacher shortages in the subjects of special education, bilingual education, all areas of science, math, early childhood special education, and English language learner education, particularly in the Spokane, Seattle, and Olympia school districts. According to data compiled by the National Center for Alternative Education, approximately 9 percent of Washington state teachers enter the profession through a non-traditional route.

In 2017, the state legislature passed legislation that made it easier for those seeking to become a teacher through alternative routes. The Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) was charged with administering alternative programs. There four alternative routes outlined by the PESB, cater to specific populations. Only Route 3 applies to career changers not already employed by a school district.

All four alternative routes to a teaching certificate in Washington lead to full residency certification (the first level regular teaching certificate).  The PESB has a list of Washington-based approved alternative education program providers.

Top Online Schools for Teachers In Washington

resources even in alternative teaching programs.

University of WashingtonOnline courses are readily available at the University of Washington. Potential students can gain access through a specially crafted digital platform encompassing all parts of the education department. There are also certification programs that students can pursue.

Grand Canyon University OnlineGrand Canyon University is home to a swath of online degree programs geared towards education. Aspiring teaching students may find some benefits with regards to the school’s willingness towards affordable tuition costs.

Seattle Pacific University Seattle Pacific University possesses a few online courses within their school of education. There is also a department that caters primarily to those aiming to gain teaching certification within state guidelines at the university.

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