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Alternative Teacher Certification Programs in Rhode Island

Alternative certification options are limited in Rhode Island, although there are signs that may change.

The Rhode Island Teaching Fellows is the only alternative route program currently approved by the Rhode Island Department of Education.

This highly competitive program trains professionals and recent college graduates to become teachers in schools serving disadvantaged students. The program is a partnership between the Rhode Island Department of Education and The New Teacher Project (TNTP), a national nonprofit which aims to close the achievement gap by providing excellent teachers to high-need students. Participation is limited to secondary teachers of math, science and special education. Program participants attend an intensive training institute to prepare for entry into the classroom. Once employed, participants complete their certification coursework through TNTP.

Whether the Rhode Island Department of Education adds other alternative pathways remains to be seen, but many of the state’s school administrators are in favor of it. As part of an ongoing redesign of the state’s certification system, the department polled administrators and principals about various aspects of state certification. 67 percent of central office administrators and 52 percent of principals voted in favor of providing alternative routes to certification.

Also promising is the fact that the department already has established clearly defined standards for approving alternative programs.

The RIDE expects to approve revisions to the certification system in early 2012. Visit the department’s website at http://www.ride.ri.gov.

Top Online Schools for Teachers In Rhode Island 

For those in Rhode Island looking to attain teaching credentials,
state education officials have helped to make it easier for
those who may have routines preventing them from doing
so in traditional means. This has led to groups and colleges
providing alternative routes to teaching certification in RI.

University of Rhode Island
The University of Rhode Island does offer a few online courses
for educators among the 100 that are available. There are also
certificate programs available to potential students, such as
one for TESOL instruction.

Grand Canyon University Online
Grand Canyon University is home to a robust online degree
program with a diverse amount dedicated to education. Those
that are interested in the school may also take a look at the
community-based alliances that the school encourages in
certain areas.

Walden University Online
Walden University is home to a full-fledged online degree program.
Containing over 40 degrees in education, the school also welcomes
potential students to seek out more information through their vast
alumni network.

Roger Williams University
Online learning is a part of Roger Williams University’s School of
Continuing Studies. There is also a partnership for professional
workshop developments catering to working students available.

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