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Alternative Teacher Certification Programs in Pennsylvania

Alternative certification routes have existed in Pennsylvania for many years, but they are not highly utilized. However, alternative certification is becoming more and more popular due to teacher shortages throughout the country. It is reasonable to assume that more and more people will be becoming teachers through alternative means.

Despite the long odds, individuals can find alternative routes into Pennsylvania’s classrooms, particularly in high demand content areas such as math and science. In 2002, the Pennsylvania Department of Education approved certification through the American Board for Certification of Teaching Excellence, and it has been strong ever since.

Candidates who acquire the ABCTE’s Passport to Teaching credential may apply for a Pennsylvania temporary teaching certificate for elementary school, secondary school, English, mathematics, general science, physics, chemistry, or biology. The temporary certificate allows the candidate to teach in the state’s public schools while completing a prescribed course of study through Point Park University.

The Pennsylvania Teacher Intern Certification Program is another alternative route into the classroom that is available through 37 approved colleges and universities in the state. Founded in 1969 for graduate students only, the program was made available at the post baccalaureate level in 1983.

Top Online Schools for Teachers In Pennsylvania

Education is a bedrock in Pennsylvania, and to that end
there are more who wish to become part of that system
via teaching. Now, there are other options to achieve that
goal through alternative certification routes.

Penn State University

The education programs at Penn State University have extended
to a dedicated online platform through the school’s website. The
World Campus portal also includes forum posting for notes and
discussions for all online students. In addition to being able to
earn masters level degrees, students can also gain certification for
teaching assistant positions.

Grand Canyon University Online
Grand Canyon University offers a wide range of online degrees
in education for interested applicants. One other feature to
take note of is the school’s promotion of community-based
alliances where students can be involved.

Duquesne University
Duquesne University boasts an online degree program that
offers incoming students degrees via a digital campus. Dealing
mainly with instructional technology, interested parties may
also be inclined to learn more about their tuition flexibility.

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