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Alternative Teacher Certification Programs in Ohio

Ohio is currently experiencing a teaching shortage in the areas of math, science, special education, and English as a second language, particularly in the regions of Central and Southwest Ohio. Based on 2016 statistics, the state annually hires  11,430 new teachers:

  • Kindergarten: 630
  • Elementary: 3,510
  • Middle School: 2,330
  • Secondary School: 3,840
  • Special Ed for Kindergarten and Elementary: 600
  • Special Ed for Secondary: 520

According to the National Center for Education Information, not all new hires are certified to teach in a high-need area. In order to meet the needs of its students, Ohio has implemented several ways for professionals to obtain a teaching certification. As long as you have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, there is program to fit your individual needs. Furthermore, after four years of teaching with your alternative educator license, there are only three more steps to becoming a certified professional educator:

  • Completion of the four year Ohio Resident Educator Program.
  • 12 semester (18 quarter) hours of professional education coursework from an approved teacher-training program.
  • Completion of the Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching exam 0523 or 0524.


One program you may consider is Project KNOTtT. This federally funded program is designed to recruit, train, and mentor new teachers, with the goal of retaining teachers in high-need school districts. Project KNOTtT specifically addresses shortages in math, science, English, foreign languages, English as a second language, and special education.

Another program available is The Intensive Pedagogical Training Institute. This program consists of four steps:

  • Complete the application and return with official transcripts.
  • Pass the content area examination for the subject you are seeking.
  • Complete required FBI and BCI background checks.
  • Register for IPTI after completion of coursework, testing, and background checks.

This is an accelerated program in which the individual may teach not only traditional classes such as science and math, but also world languages from pre-school through 12th grade and career and technical workforce development, among other subjects.

Learning Outcomes for Alternative Certification Programs in Ohio

Becoming a teacher in Ohio means abiding by the teaching standards set out by the Ohio Department of Education. Not everyone takes a straight path toward a career in education. If you already have your bachelor’s degree, you can find Ohio teacher certification programs that can help you qualify for teaching positions.

Ohio Alternative Teacher Certification programs typically base their learning outcomes around these teaching standards, as they may prepare you for the Ohio Assessment for Educators exams. Programs hope to teach students how child and adolescent development contribute to learning. Teachers should also be able to assess students to identify which students are at-risk, which students may need additional assistance, and which students may have gifted characteristics. Your certification program may teach you to take this to the next level and create lesson plans that fit the abilities and needs of particular students. Graduates must also be able to align their lesson plans with their school’s priorities and recommendations.

It’s likely that your alternative teaching certification program will focus on communication. Teachers must be able to communicate effectively, appropriately, and respectfully with other educators, students, and parents. Data collection and interpretation is an important part of teaching, as it drives your career as a teacher and your assessment of students. Throughout the duration of your certification program, you may learn about different types of student and self-assessment, determine how to interpret this information, and figure out how to best use the data it creates.

Top Online Schools for Teachers In Ohio

 For aspiring teaching professionals in Ohio, the key is to be in

position to advance your career in various ways. The state has
laid the groundwork for individuals to attain their goals through
alternative routes in recent years.

Ohio State University
At Ohio State University, one can achieve online degrees via
their school of education. The certification is mainly on the
masters level. One other factor of interest is a center committed
to diversity and community involvement.

Walden University Online
Walden University is bolstered by an online school of education
where one can earn degrees. Another significant feature of the
school is the open access to curriculum when a student needs
it according to their schedule.

Grand Canyon University Online
Grand Canyon University is one place where online degrees are
attainable for budding teachers. The school also has certification
available that fits in with state guidelines in conjunction with
flexible semester scheduling.

University of Dayton
Those interested in the University of Dayton will find online
classes easily accessible. Their school of education contains
a number of degrees, along with professional development
workshops for students.

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