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Alternative Teacher Certification Programs in New Hampshire

New Hampshire doesn’t take a cookie cutter approach to alternative certification. Rather, the state offers several different pathways so aspiring teachers can find the one that’s right for them.

According to data reported by New Hampshire and compiled by the National Center for Alternative Certification, 80 percent of candidates who begin one of these alternative certification programs finish the program and earn a certificate.

The first alternative license option is called Demonstrated Competencies and Equivalent Experiences. Under this option, candidates with a bachelor’s degree and passing scores on a state skills test can submit a portfolio that demonstrates mastery of teacher competencies and subject area content. Portfolio submission is followed by a half-day examination by a board of examiners who decide whether or not to recommend the candidate for licensure.

The second option, called the Individual Development Plan, is restricted to teachers in critical shortage areas and certain trade and technical specialty areas. It also requires a bachelor’s degree or above. Under this option, candidates first obtain employment and then work with a mentor teacher to develop an individualized professional development plan. Candidates have three years to complete the plan.

The third option, the Site-Based Certification Plan, was developed in response to an increasing number of queries from individuals with bachelor’s degrees but without traditional teacher preparation. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree with the equivalent of 30 college credits in the content area in which they wish to teach. Once they obtain employment, they participate in a state-approved, district-based teacher preparation program. These programs typically take one to two years to complete.

If you are a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, you might consider the federally funded Troops to Teachers program. It helps eligible military personnel transition to second careers as teachers. Troops to Teachers offers up to $5000 in stipends toward education costs and a $10,000 bonus if a participant is hired in a high-need school district. According to TeachNorth, a cooperative effort of 32 New Hampshire school districts, many schools in northern New Hampshire qualify for both the stipend and the bonus.

Top Online Schools for Teachers In New Hampshire

 In New Hampshire, teaching is viewed as a bedrock of the 

state. With employment levels in line with the current national
average, more are looking at different paths to become
education professionals in the state.

Southern New Hampshire University
At Southern New Hampshire, gaining an online education is
highly attainable. There are close to twenty different degrees
that can be earned online at the undergraduate and graduate

Grand Canyon University Online
Grand Canyon University is home to an online degree program
which has a variety of concentrations available for all levels. In
addition, the school has different options available for potential
students with regards to tuition costs.

Plymouth University
For those interested in Plymouth University, their online degrees include masters level education degrees. Prospective applicants
can consult the school in terms of how their certification would be
aligned with state regulations.

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