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Alternative Teacher Certification Programs in Montana

Thirty-something professionals who want to transition into the teaching field will find themselves in good company in Montana.

According to data compiled by the National Center for Alternative Certification, the average age of students enrolled in Montana’s alternative certification programs was 35 in 2010.

You’ll find the most plentiful job opportunities in rural areas. That’s where the NCAC reports 72 percent of the state’s alternatively licensed teachers are working; 30 percent teach in suburban districts.

Alternative licensure in Montana is achieved through what the state calls a Class Five license. This option is for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in an endorsable area who need to complete an approved teacher preparation program. Applicants for a Class Five license must sign a Plan of Professional Intent agreeing to complete appropriate teacher training within three years. The Class Five license is non-renewable.


The primary vehicle for alternative teacher preparation is the Northern Plains Transition to Teaching program through Montana State University at Bozeman. In addition to a bachelor’s degree, this compacted program requires five years of professional work experience. It is only available to candidates seeking certification at the secondary level.

NTPP offers condensed teacher training courses at times that fit the schedules of working professionals. All classes are online so candidates need not live near the university. The program also includes a teaching practicum.

The NTPP program takes about two years to complete and costs approximately $7500. Certification is available in a wide variety of subjects, including English, math, science and foreign languages.

Top Online Schools for Teachers In Montana

Obtaining teaching certification through an alternative certification in

Montana has been on the rise in recent years. This is due in part
to a need for more education professionals on all levels. You
can find more information about this from a network of resources
devoted to the field.

Grand Canyon University Online
Attaining an online education degree from Grand Canyon University
has become a viable option for budding teachers. Potential
students may find the opportunity to partake in community
outreach initiatives with a focus on teaching as a part of their
studies attractive.

University of Montana
The University of Montana has a well-regarded school of education
with online learning as a key component. In fact, there are a
numbers of specialized degrees available including those with a
focus on early education.

Montana State University
The online curriculum at Montana State University contains both
degree and certificate programs. They also offer a professional
course that is regulated by a national teacher’s network along
with specific master’s degree programs.

Walden University Online
Walden University is home to a full-fledged online teaching degree program.
Potential students would find a multitude of degrees available
in their school of education, along with a dedicated support team
comprised of current fellow students.

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