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Alternative Teacher Certification Programs in Michigan

In April 2018, Michigan Governor Snyder signed legislation that made it easier for career changers to become teachers. Senate bill 727 ensured that those who apply to become a teacher through the Michigan Alternate Route to Interim Teaching (MARITC) no longer must take the new SAT to qualify for a certification program. Since prospective teachers earning certification through MARITC must have a bachelor’s degree or higher, passing the SAT was deemed an unnecessary roadblock.

The removal of the requirement meant many more new teachers were ready to staff severely under-staffed Michigan schools in fall 2018.

Michigan’s route to alternative certification is based on the interim teaching certificate. This certificate allows individuals to teach in Michigan schools while fulfilling credential requirements through a state-approved alternative certification program.


In order to qualify, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree or above with a 3.0 GPA and pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification Basic Skills exam as well as a subject area competency exam. Candidates also must enroll in an approved alternative certification program since the program provider must recommend the candidate for the interim certificate.

While teaching with an interim certificate, individuals must pass a background check, submit to extensive evaluation and coaching, and complete three years of satisfactory teaching.

In 2017, Michigan entered into a contract with Teach for Tomorrow. The program produces graduates who receive an interim certificate. After three years on the job, some additional training, and a good review from their principal, they become fully certified. More than 45,000 teachers have received their certificates from the company since its founding in 2005, and in recent years it has opened up shop in Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Nevada, and South Carolina.

Another program now permitted by Michigan’s recent legislation is Teach for America – Detroit. According to the program’s website, 200 Teach for America teachers are working in 32 traditional and charter public schools in Detroit. Program participants must commit to teaching for two years in a low-income community. The program kicks off with an intensive, five-week summer institute. Participants must pass the Michigan tests for certification and enroll in an alternative certification program hosted in Detroit through the University of Michigan.

Top Online Schools for Teachers In Michigan

Being part of the education experience in Michigan necessitates a good amount of research, especially if you’re looking to obtain teaching degrees in an alternative program. There is a multitude of both schools and institutions that can make that goal a reality.

University Of Michigan Achieving an online degree at the University of Michigan has remained a possibility thanks to the education department’s efforts in recent years. The department has also implemented a diverse program of certification for budding teachers and administrators.

Baker College At Baker College, the online classes are numerous and cover seventeen fields of study including education. Potential students may also be drawn to Baker due to the school’s amenable outreach when it comes to veterans looking to broaden their career horizons.

Walden University OnlineWalden University’s online school of education is bolstered by a hefty network of alumni who offer valuable insight to current and prospective students. Those seeking their teaching degrees there will also find over forty programs to choose from.

Grand Canyon University OnlineGrand Canyon University has an online degree program that can suit the needs of those looking to advance their teaching careers. One area of keen interest lies in a strong offering of doctorate degrees in education for elementary and secondary levels.

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