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Alternative Teaching Certification Programs in Maryland

In a brochure touting Maryland’s alternative certification programs, Katie Swanson, a third grade teacher in Prince George’s County, Maryland, discusses how the county’s Resident Teacher Program helped her make a smooth transition from the practice of law to a teaching career.

Swanson is one of a growing number of career changers who have used a Maryland Approved Alternative Preparation Program or MAAPP to enter the teaching profession. In 2008-2009 alone, Maryland issued over 500 certificates to alternative certification applicants, according to the National Center for Alternative Certification.

MAAPPs are established in partnership with specific school systems under a variety of names and with varying requirements. However, the initial process to qualify for entrance into a MAAPP is simple. Candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree and a GPA of 2.75 who meet qualifying scores on the Praxis I and Praxis II qualify to apply for a MAAPP.

More information on MAAPPs can be found here: Maryland State Department of Education. The following are programs in the state’s two largest school systems:

Montgomery County Public Schools Alternative Certification for Effective Teachers (ACET): This program is for aspiring secondary school teachers in critical shortage areas. It begins with a 90-hour spring institute, followed by a four to eight week internship. Participants are eligible for full employment under a resident teacher certificate within four to five months. Recruitment for this program is targeted to specific, high-need content areas each year.

Prince George’s County Resident Teacher Program (PGCRT): This program is designed to place highly qualified teachers in high-need schools. PGCRT is fast and affordable. The length of time between the start of the program and teacher residency is a mere eight weeks. And the costs of the training are covered by Prince George’s County Public Schools.

Top Online Schools for Teachers In Maryland

Maryland has seen a rise across the board in education, mainly
due to student numbers. State statistics anticipate a steady pace
of new teachers to continue entering the education system. Those looking to become a part of
that figure have resources like alternative programs they can turn to.

University of Maryland
The University of Maryland is home to a wide variety of online
degree courses in education. Among them are specialized courses in special
education and learning policy and administration.

Coppin State University
Coppin State University has made education and teaching vital
parts of their curriculum since the 1900’s. They have translated
that into fully-vested online degree programs with features
such as student teaching fieldwork.

Grand Canyon University Online
Grand Canyon University has a dedicated school of education
for anyone seeking an online path to teaching credentials. The
school also may be appealing thanks to a newer focus on the
latest advancements in secondary school education.

Walden University Online
Walden University’s online education degree program has drawn
a number of prospective teaching professionals due to the array
of course subjects. Another point of attraction also lies in the
flexible Tempo Learning program for those with unorthodox work

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