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Alternative Teacher Certification Programs in Maine

According to statistics from the National Center for Alternative Certification, only 20 percent of teachers in Maine receive their credentials via traditional education programs.

To help fill that shortage, the Maine Department of Education offers transcript analysis for individuals who wish to make a career change into teaching.

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or higher from an approved college or university, appropriate content area course work, and passing scores on the Praxis Pre-Professional Skills exam.

Candidates who meet these requirements can apply for a conditional license. There’s a catch, however. In order for a conditional certificate to be awarded, the school district must have actively sought to hire a regularly licensed teacher and been unable to do so.


If the Maine Department of Education determines a candidate is eligible for a conditional certificate, the candidate must then work through all the required elements for a full teaching license while teaching. This analysis determines what coursework deficiencies the candidate needs to amend.

Individuals can seek transcript analysis at all grade levels from pre-K through 12.

Additionally, some colleges and universities in Maine offer their own alternative teacher certification programs. For example, Husson University in Bangor offers four alternative certification programs targeted to career switchers. Programs are available for elementary education, secondary English, secondary life science, and secondary physical science.

Husson’s classes focus on the skills that experienced professionals need to transition into teaching. All four programs include a student teaching internship. Students typically complete the programs in four semesters.

Top Online Schools for Teachers In Maine

With records from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing that the
outlook for teaching in Maine will stay on a positive course, it may be a good time to become a teacher in Maine. Doing so has
become somewhat easier for those looking to gain degrees via
alternative means.

University of Maine
The University of Maine does offer online programs as part of
their College of Education and Human Development. These are
primarily for graduate-level students, to go along with specialized
certificates as well.

Walden University Online
Walden University boasts a wide range of online degree programs
geared towards education. In addition, the university offers grants
and scholarships yearly to those
who qualify.

University of Southern Maine
The University of Southern Maine has a number of online education
degrees on the undergraduate and graduate levels. The school also
has a devoted online resource available to you with regards to your
tuition and other financial needs.

Grand Canyon University Online
Grand Canyon University attracts many teaching students due to online degree courses
in a variety of fields, including education. Of particular interest are
the ten-plus programs that offer doctorates.

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