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Alternative Teacher Certification Programs in Idaho

The state of Idaho is facing a teacher shortage in nearly all subject areas, including English, English as a second language, mathematics, all sciences, physical education, exceptional child education, the fine arts and social studies. According to Andrew Campanella, the Senior Director of Teacher Recruitment for the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE), Idaho hires approximately 2,500 new teachers each year. Approximately 16,000 teachers are currently employed in Idaho public schools, and over one thousand of them have entered the profession through alternate routes.


ABCTE offers a computer-based program designed to help individuals with a bachelor’s degree enter the teaching profession. An independent study conducted confirmed the effectiveness of ABCTE-trained teachers: 95 percent of principals surveyed said that ABCTE teachers were as effective or more effective than other teachers, and 67 percent stated that classroom performance was above average. After completing the ABCTE process, a candidate may apply for an Idaho certificate from the Department of Education. The applicant then has three years to meet the requirements to qualify for a standard Idaho teaching certificate:

  • Complete the state mentoring program for ABCTE candidates.
  • Meet the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy requirement.
  • Pass a Criminal History Check (CHC).

If ABCTE is not for you, another alternative route is the assessment-based teacher certification program. This program requires at least three assessments that demonstrate competency within the content area sought by the applicant. Additionally, the three assessments must include a rubric-driven portfolio that verifies the candidate’s knowledge of the Idaho teaching standards, as well as completion of a student-teaching program and a passing score on the Praxis test.

Top Online Schools For Teachers In Idaho

The teaching profession in Idaho is in the midst of a stable plateau,
but there is still a need for more educators. This is especially true
when it comes to special education teachers for preschoolers.
Gaining alternative certification can be achieved through these resources.

University of Idaho
The online programs at the University of Idaho can help with obtaining
teaching certifications through well-regarded distance learning options.
A standout feature is the opportunity to interact with a specialized web
portal for online courses.

Grand Canyon University Online
If you happen to be interested in what Grand Canyon University has to
offer, their online programs can be an attractive option. Another factor
is the possibility to defray tuition costs partially by working with the

Boise State University
The College of Education at Boise State University has been regarded
as one of the top schools nationwide, especially in the Northwest. One
reason is the eCampus online programs for educator degrees including
master’s level options.

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