Alternative Teacher Certification Programs in Delaware

According to a report published by the U.S. Department of Education, Delaware has been struggling with extensive teacher shortages since 2003. Shortages are occurring in content areas such as science, reading, math, music, art, foreign language, and English as a second language, and also in more specialized areas including special education, business education, and technology education. Data compiled by the National Center for Alternative Education shows that Delaware hires approximately 1,000 new teachers every year, and of these new teachers, 11 percent enter the profession on an alternate or emergency teaching certificate.

In order to alleviate the teacher shortage in high-need areas, Delaware has instituted two different routes to alternate teacher certification: the Delaware Alternative Route to Certification (ARTC) and the Special Institute for Teacher Certification. Both routes require candidates to already possess a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution as well as earn passing scores on the basic state skills tests and a background check.

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Two options you may consider are the ARTC program at the University of Delaware and the Delaware Teaching Fellows program. The ARTC program, created in 1996, allows qualified candidates to be employed as full-time teachers under supervision while they are still completing professional education coursework. This program currently enrolls 60 to 70 new teachers every year. Once enrolled, students will complete five graduate-level professional education courses and participate in a full-year internship with supervision and mentoring. The Delaware Teaching Fellows program was specifically designed for career changers who want to enter the teaching profession. This program is open to candidates who wish to teach secondary English, math, science, and special education. Requirements include a summer training institute and coursework at Wilmington University.

Top Online Schools for Teachers In Delaware

Obtaining alternative certification for teaching in the state of
Delaware has become somewhat easier in recent years. This is due in
part to education careers in the state holding steady according to the
Bureau of Labor Statistics (2017).

Grand Canyon University Online
The online programs at Grand Canyon University represent a solid base
of courses for budding teaching professionals. One outstanding point of
interest in the school lies in the opportunities for community outreach
while undergoing studies online.

University of Delaware
If you're looking at the University of Delaware to advance your education
degree hopes, they boast intriguing courses of study in that regard. One
course even involves entrepreneur skills for educators.

Walden University Online
Walden University's online degree programs are an option for you if you
wish to attain teaching certification on a flexible schedule. The school
also has a base of staff members providing assistance to that end.

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