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Alternative Teacher Certification Programs in Arkansas

Arkansas is currently experiencing a critical teacher shortage at the middle and high school level in the subjects of French, Spanish, mathematics, life and physical sciences, social studies, and English as a second language. Additionally, both school counselors and special education teachers are needed at all age levels, from pre-school through 12th grade. Furthermore, according to The Voice, an online news source from the University of Arkansas, the Southeast and Delta regions are experiencing critical teacher shortages in all subject areas and in all grade levels. Data compiled by the National Center for Alternative Certification shows that Arkansas hires at least 2,000 new teachers each year, and as many as 600 of these teachers are hired with alternate or temporary certification.

One route of alternate teacher certification in Arkansas is through non-traditional licensure. Through this process, candidates can earn an initial Arkansas teaching license after completing the required assessments, student-teaching experience, portfolio development, and teacher preparation modules, which are offered during the summer and on one Saturday each month. Additionally, participants can earn a standard Arkansas teaching license if Praxis III is successfully completed.

You may also consider getting an advanced degree. The University of Arkansas at Little Rock, for example, offers programs in early childhood education, middle childhood education, and secondary education, in content areas that include art, English, social studies, and other subjects offered in public schools.

If full-time teaching is not the path for you, you can consider getting a Professional Teaching Permit. This program was created to enable working professionals to teach up to two class periods per day at the high school level in content areas related to their fields of employment. The professional teaching permit is issued for one year at a time to teach grades 9-12. After three years of successful teaching, a candidate is also eligible for the non-traditional licensure program’s one-year track.

Top Online Schools for Teachers in Arkansas

The teaching profession in Arkansas is a highly regarded one, and
has become more attractive for those looking for a change of career.
With the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing moderate gains in
teaching jobs and employment in 2017, now may be a
prime time for you to seek more information.

Arkansas State University
The online programs at Arkansas State University allow you to
acquire a masters’ degree in multiple fields pertaining to education.
There are even dedicated programs for those interested in special

The University of Arkansas
The University of Arkansas boasts a well-balanced online department
devoted to obtaining degrees for teaching on all levels. There are
even specialized certificate programs available.

Grand Canyon University Online
Grand Canyon University Online programs are readily accessible
for you and others looking to gain teaching certification through
alternative means. You’ll also benefit from a solid instructor to
student ratio for your courses.

Walden University Online
Online learning through Walden University is an amenable resource
for those looking towards getting teaching certification through
non-traditional methods. Walden also provides some insight thanks
to established professionals who serve as faculty for the school.

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