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Alternative Teacher Certification Programs in Alabama

According to WTVY, a news station in Dothan, Alabama, the state has been dealing with teacher shortages since 2007. Subject areas experiencing teacher shortages include art, band, English, family and consumer science, foreign language, social studies, math, general music, all areas of science, and special education. Data compiled by the National Center for Alternative Education shows that over 2,500 newly hired teachers in Alabama enter the profession through alternate routes each year.

Alabama has three alternate routes to certification. These are the Alternative Baccalaureate-Level Approach, the Alternative Fifth-Year Program, and the Preliminary Certificate Approach. While each of these options has different requirements, all of them require candidates to already possess a bachelor’s degree.

Two programs you may consider are the Alternative Class A Program at the University of West Alabama and the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE) program. The Alternative Class A Program is specifically designed for individuals who want to change careers and who have earned a minimum GPA of 2.5 on in their bachelor’s degree program. Each applicant will receive an individualized course of study and must enroll in at least 12 semester hours at the university. Successful candidates will receive a master’s level certification and a Master of Education or Master of Arts in teaching degree in the fields of biology, general science, mathematics, English language arts, history, general social science, elementary education, special education, or physical education. Similarly, ABCTE is for aspiring teachers who have already earned a bachelor’s degree in a field other than education. The program is self-paced and convenient.

Top Online Schools for Teachers in Alabama

As the earning prospects for education services has risen in Alabama by 3 percent (BLS, 2017), it’s more timely than
ever if you’re looking to become a teacher in the state. Two main options are – the Alternative
Class A program for all teaching fields, and the Provisional Certificate in a
Teaching Field for secondary students. Check out the schools in AL with alternative degrees.

The University of Alabama
The University of Alabama has an online program for those pursuing teaching,
offered through their College of Education. This college is composed
of six departments covering early education to doctorates.

Grand Canyon University Online
Grand Canyon University’s online program offerings reveal a dedicated
base of education programs where one can obtain degrees, including
advanced administrative programs.

The University of West Alabama
The University of West Alabama is home to a multitude of program subjects
aspiring teachers can take up, including TESOL courses.

Walden University Online
Walden University’s graduation rate is on par with other colleges nationwide.
It’s also a viable option for you to gain teaching accreditation in line with
Alabama’s state board requirements.

Learning Outcomes for Alternative Certification Programs in Alabama

If you want to find Alabama teacher certification programs for students with their bachelor’s degree in areas outside of education, we can help. To earn your Alabama teaching certificate, you’ll need to meet a specific set of learning outcomes by the time you graduate. The goals of these alternative teaching programs do not just prepare you to become a successful, engaging teacher—they are also meant to help you pass the AECTP Basic Skills Assessment and the ETS Praxis exams. Your school should teach you how to look at students’ existing body of knowledge and tie it into what you are teaching them. This includes looking at their academic knowledge as well as their life experiences. This learning outcome also involves teaching students how to connect knowledge from different specialties in a meaningful way.

Your teaching exams will probably look at your ability to create age-appropriate instructional materials for your subject. It’s crucial to be able to create lesson plans that are appropriate for the entire class; however, they should also be tailored to suit the varying needs of your students. Part of this involves creating a strong classroom culture based on learning, mutual respect, and social development. To this end, your program may address the social development of students at different ages. You can use this information to communicate more effectively with students and figure out how to help them learn. If you want to step into the classroom, start looking for alternative Alabama teaching certificate programs today!

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