What Type of Teaching Degree Should You Get?

Learn Your Education Program Options

Planning your career in education starts with figuring out what type of teaching degree you should get to start working as quickly as possible.

Continue reading, and use the links below to learn a little more about the four main types of education programs. And be sure to watch the video to see a real glimpse of how these options can be game-changers for both new students and experienced teaching professionals.

Bachelors in Education

If you are just starting your postsecondary education, earning your bachelors can get you off to a great start in the field of education. From here, you can typically earn your state license, as long as you meet the additional requirements that apply to teachers in your state. Earning your bachelors can offer you opportunities to minor in other areas that interest you, or could supplement your teaching. Completing this step can also set you up for success in an education-focused graduate program. 

Masters in Education

Speaking of graduate level degrees in education… Do you want to advance in education by pursuing leadership, executive or other high-level positions? You will need more than your bachelors degree to prepare for these roles. Masters in education programs are designed for experienced professionals who are committed to shaping policy, developing curriculum, and finding other ways to help inspire the next generation of learners. 

Alternative Teacher Certification

Let's say you already have your bachelor's degree in an area that isn't education-related. You have years of experience as a professional in a specific field, such as law enforcement, healthcare, or cyber security. You may decide that you want to share your specialized knowledge and insight with students by teaching in an academic setting. In this case, you should look into earning your alternative teacher certification as your most efficient path to teaching. Schools need educators who take non-traditional paths to teaching to help students understand what it's really like to work in the field or area of interest they are aiming for. 

Doctorate in Education

For students who have their master's level education, you may consider earning your doctorate in education to reach the highest levels in the field. Although this is no easy task, imagine the feeling of accomplishment when you finally reach the highest tier of your education. Students who want to pursue their doctorate in education can typically find online programs that suit professionals who are already working in administrator or executive level roles in the field. These programs usually include unique specializations for that fit many types of career ambitions. If you pursue your doctorate in education, we proudly tip our cap to you, and congratulate you for reaching your maximum potential. 

Ready to watch these program options in action? Watch the video on this page to learn what teaching degree you should get. And when you finishing watching, take a moment to check out your online and local campus options for these types of programs that can further your career in education.