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2017 Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas & Events

Reviewed by Jon Konen, District Superintendent

If you are looking for things to do for teacher appreciation week this year, or want to keep an eye on the official celebrations of recognition that will take place May 8-12, here’s your quick launching pad to all the action.

Many students take this week to show gratitude for the teachers who inspired them to chase their dreams. Do you also want to know how can you thank a teacher? After we brief you on the official events and how to keep up on social media, we share some ideas for showing thanks too.

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And let’s remember, it doesn’t have to be the official thank a teacher week to show appreciation for the hard work and commitment teachers apply to their careers.

Whether it is the end of the semester, or the end of your academic journey, taking a moment to thank a teacher is a way students can return the inspiration that keeps teachers motivated to work with the next class of students.

Any educator will tell you, teachers also hold on to many fond memories of individual students; just as students carry the memories of their favorite instructors throughout their lifetimes. We know that teachers deliver knowledge and instruction across the spectrum of academic subjects. But they also shape who we are as people, including our ethics, values and even personalities. Great teachers can even have a positive effect on how we face major life decisions, long after we leave the classroom.

This year, we are joining the festivities in appreciating all the current teachers, and the students who are searching for teaching programs to become tomorrow’s educators. In the coming year, we will look for new ways to help students who want to become teachers, while continuing to help experienced teachers find the best path to the next level in their current career.

Tips For Following The Thank A Teacher Week Action

If you don’t have a Twitter account, you should download the app and create an account real quick. No, you don’t have to spend your time Tweeting or interacting, if that’s not your thing. But, you can start following all your favorite schools, organizations, and leaders in the field of education.

Aside from Teacher Appreciation Week, you can benefit from the stream of knowledge sharing that happens on this social media platform. You can check in whenever you want and forget about it when you have better things to do.

If you do have Twitter, then make sure you follow #TeacherAppreciationDay to keep up with what people are saying.

It’s about a week away right now, and there are already so many shows of gratitude being shared. Teachers, students and other professionals are sharing quick posts about ways good teachers impacted their lives.

Plus, there are many bloggers and websites that have ideas for things to do for Teacher Appreciation Week 2017. These kinds of articles can be great resources for inspiration.

This will also give you a good starting point for people you may want to follow, if you plan on keeping up with Twitter beyond Teacher Appreciation Week.

Top 5 Twitter Accounts To Follow During #TeacherAppreciationWeek

@NationalPTA – this group “The largest volunteer child advocacy association in the nation.” In their show of appreciation for what teachers deliver, they are offering an event toolkit that you can use, including thank you cards, postcards, and flyers.

@EducationWeek – one of the leading magazines in the United States that reports on the state of the education sector. It’s a great account to follow for industry news, and inspiration for other Twitter accounts to follow.

@NEAToday – this organization is the largest education employee association. They are advocates for educators and smart policy that leads to optimal education outcomes for learners.

@USNewsEducation – US News keeps up with the latest college rankings and degree programs in all fields of study, including education. They have tons of great articles and resources for educators and students to absorb. This is also a great starting point for Twitter to give you recommendations based on this account!

@GoogleForEDU – How can you go wrong following a Google Twitter account? They seem to know everything, invent everything, and figure out the coolest ways to make our internet experiences better. Follow this account to keep up with the latest ways education, technology, and other industries are impacting the field – and what the future holds!

Ready to learn how can you thank a teacher?

Now that you know how to start following all the action and get carried away on Twitter, let’s talk about ways you can give praise this year.

How Can You Thank A Teacher?

Here are some nice things to do for teacher appreciation week that are simple and appropriate. We all live busy lives, especially if we are going to school while working professionally. So, just taking a quick moment to give thanks for what teachers deliver to our lives will stick with them. Here are a few ways you can celebrate thank a teacher week in your own personal way

Five Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

  • Thank you card. It’s so simple, but cards will never go out of style. Plus, there is no worry about whether your gift is appropriate. Cards are easy to store, never spoil, and the impact of the words you write will only weigh heavier over time.
  • Local handmade gifts. If you do decide to purchase a gift, keep it simple and do not spend a lot of money. The gift should not insinuate high cost. It should insinuate thoughtfulness. A candle, or other simple ornamental object, along with a card, would be good choice. A flower from the yard is also a simple win!
  • Write a list of ways they impacted you. You can include this in your card, or make a simple list that specifically lists ways they shaped you. This will show that you didn’t just enjoy being in their class, you really appreciated it.
  • Local gift card. Again, you don’t want to travel too far down the road of spending money. But, if there is a new local restaurant that opened, or store that sells interesting crafts and gifts, that can be a safe choice. Just avoid large chain stores or movie passes. Those can make great gifts for people you know, but don’t have the unique, thoughtful quality that a mom and pop shop does.
  • Nominate them for a teaching award. Why not find ways to share your story to see if you can get your favorite teacher recognized for their passion? Even if they do not win the award, you can still share your essay with them, so they know how much their mentorship meant to you.

Do You Have Ideas Or Want To Share Thank A Teacher Week Events With Us?

We know we can’t think of everything or know every event that’s worth checking out. So, don’t be shy! Follow us on Twitter and let’s get social while showing gratitude for our nation’s educators. We will keep our eyes open every day for new teacher appreciation week ideas, news, and other info you might find helpful.

And if you currently work as a teacher, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your passion and dedication to improving your students’ lives through education.

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This year, as a thank you, we are giving away a custom gift basket valued at $50 from Harry and David’s. All you need to do to enter is sign up with your name and email! You can email us with the subject line: Harry and David Teacher Week Basket for a chance to win! We just want to say thank you for all you do…this week, and every week.