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Summer Job Ideas For Teachers

Reviewed by Jon Konen, District Superintendent

One of the well-deserved benefits of teaching full-time in most districts and private schools systems is the 9-month calendar year. This can allow teachers to spend valuable time off with their own children who may be home for the summer. It may also allow time for travel or to finally complete home projects that have been piling up. But, these months off can also be an opportunity to work summer teaching jobs or non-education related summer work for teachers.

5 Summer Opportunities for Teachers

    • Teaching Summer School. Every school district has a need for quality teachers during the summer months. These teachers help students catch up missing requirements, or earn additional college credits. Sometimes, these are programs that help elementary aged children further develop their fundamental learning skills. Treat this position as an opportunity to have fun with the learning process to help capture students’ attention during those bright summer days.
    • Exam preparation and tutoring. This is an area of academics that you could help students improve in, even while school is in session. There are students at all grade levels, and in all subject areas, that may need extra help. That’s where good tutors come in. If you are going to take on a student, or offer a specific type of exam prep, you’ll need to create a curriculum and design lesson plans, just like your traditional teaching role. If you are effective in your work, you can earn referral business and turn this into a steady stream of supplemental income.

teacher tutoring student

  • Camp counselor. If you want to travel or work at your local community center’s summer camp, consider working as a camp counselor. If you love the outdoors and have experience in the woods, you may even look for an outdoors based camp that is relevant to your experience in education as well. This experience can also offer teachers a chance to get away from their typical, traditional classroom type experience and teach in a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Teach abroad . Having international teaching experience can be enriching, and a great way to open your eyes to other systems of education in our world. You can connect with students, peers and people from an entirely different culture in a once in a lifetime experience. If you really have an itch to get away this summer, look into international teaching opportunities.
  • Volunteer work with animals, the elderly or disadvantaged. If you went into teaching primarily because you wanted to help children get the best start to their lives possible, you should consider ways you can volunteer in your community. Think about your interests, whether you love animals and would fit in at your local shelter. Or do you love history? Maybe you would be a good volunteer at a museum or historical site where you could educate tourists. Or, do you want to help senior citizens or disadvantaged populations? There are endless opportunities for teachers who want to devote their time to good causes in their community over the summer months. There are even organizations dedicated to helping teachers connect with volunteer opportunities.

Do you have more ideas for summer jobs for teachers? If so, share your ideas with us!