Why Early Childhood Education Is a Rewarding Job

Teaching early childhood education is a delight to people who love kids – and love to watch their wonder increase the more they learn. There are many reasons why this can be a personally rewarding career for people who have a natural interest in teaching and enjoy being around young children. Just like any area of teaching, you'll be a better educator the more passion you bring to the classroom. Young children are learning new things at such a rapid pace, and they rely on the guidance of good teachers to help them adapt and grow into responsible, respectful, intellectually curious human beings. 


If you're looking into the early childhood education career outlook, here are 5 reasons why this can be a rewarding and promising career path… 

  • Let's start with the obvious: As an early childhood education teacher, you get to make a lifelong impression on countless young lives. Early childhood educators can ensure students get off to the best start in life. And the appreciation that children show their favorite teachers at this age can be heart-melting.
  • Specializations cater to several career paths. Another great thing about early childhood education is variety of degrees in this area. Whether you want to work with advanced children, those with physical needs or learning disabilities, there are graduate level degrees you can choose from to prepare for these roles.
  • Opportunities for advancement. If you really have a passion for teaching early childhood education, you can start by working in a preschool and then move on to designing curriculum or working for private companies. Sometimes these companies need the guidance of teachers to develop learning tools and products aimed at young learners. This may also be a good launching pad into elementary education.
  • Early childhood education job outlook is solid. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for preschool teachers is expected to be 7% between 2014-24, which is as fast as the national average.
  • Early childhood educators come in many forms, including: childcare director, family social worker, guidance counselor, special education teacher. Childcare center directors can earn an average pay of $45,670 per year. And if you work at the administrative level, which will likely require a graduate degree, you can earn an average pay of $92,940 per year, if you work in elementary schools. 

There are many reasons why people pursue work in early childhood education. Being a preschool teacher is rewarding to many people who love kids. More than the benefits, you have to be a good fit in order for it to work. You have to approach early childhood education by embracing every child's unique personality and abilities. You have to be patient, humorous, and able to go with the flow each and every day. You also have to realize that you'll never be perfect, and neither will they – and that's how it should be. 

If you want to learn more about dedicating your life to helping young children learn, use our listings of colleges to learn more about the benefits of being a preschool teacher. 

Many of you might be thinking, "I know why I love being a preschool teacher!" If so, share your love for early childhood education with us in the comments below, and on social media!