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In order to become a public school teacher in Texas, you must have a bachelor's degree, complete a teacher preparation program and pass an exam in your subject area. Though a master's degree in education is not required to teach, many teachers in Texas find completing a Master of Education program beneficial to their instruction, as Texas state initiatives include goals like preventing dropouts, improving adult education and providing early childhood education. Teachers with master's degrees in education may be better prepared to help the state achieve these initiatives because of their more specialized subject training. Further, the Texas Education Agency requires teachers to log hours of continuing education, and courses in a Master of Education program may fulfill some of these requirements.

Texas Tech University in Lubbock offers a unique master's degree in education for Texas teachers who want additional training navigating one of Texas' biggest issues - bilingual education. The Master of Education program in bilingual education also allows students to pursue a joint degree with a Mexican university. Students interested in everything from foreign language to education administration can pursue a Master of Education program at the University of Texas - Austin. The school is situated in scenic Austin, and the large student body is perfect for networking. At Houston Baptist University, students can complete a master's degree in education that prepares them for jobs as educational diagnosticians, professionals who determine what may be keeping some students from learning.

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