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Follow the links below to find schools offering different types of teacher education programs in Ohio. If you are trying to become a teacher, and you plan on working in Ohio, you should definitely take a look at the Department of Education's website. The individual states make a lot of their own decisions about how teachers need to be prepared.

Also, as a rule, you should contact multiple schools if you are seriously considering going back for a degree or certificate in education. There can sometimes be very significant differences in tuition, admissions requirements, and so on, even between schools that you might think are very similar. So, it's always a good idea to contact a number of schools and do a little comparison shopping.


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If you think back to your years in school, a few teachers likely stand out. These are the teachers who were passionate about the subjects they taught, who believed in you even when you needed extra help, and who made learning fun. Doesn't every Ohio student deserve a teacher like that? With the state's teacher shortage worsening every year, it is becoming more and more difficult for students to get the education they deserve.

Contact teaching programs in Ohio today to find out how you can get on the path to a teaching degree.

Teacher Education in Ohio

You can plan on spending between six months and four years in school, taking into consideration any previous education you have completed. If you already have a Bachelor's degree and a history of strong academic performance, you may be able to earn your teaching certification in a matter of months through an alternative certification program. A Master's degree can provide you with a more advanced understanding of educational theory. There are Bachelor's degree programs for each level of teaching licensure.

The curriculum for each program is slightly different. In early childhood education, you may focus primarily on the development of infants and young children. From there, you can begin studying how they learn and explore the world. In elementary education, you discover teaching techniques for different subject areas and delve into educational theory. If you go into secondary education, you must choose a subject area and focus on it for most of your education. You also learn about the development of adolescents and their learning styles.

After gaining acceptance to a teaching program, you may begin applying for financial aid. Several associations fund degrees for education students, including T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Ohio.

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      Every school district has its own unique needs and challenges. You may start learning the ins and outs of each district more quickly when you join the Ohio Education Association, which represents teachers across the state.

      As a general rule, job growth in Ohio is in line with nationally reported statistics. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net expects to see a 13% increase in demand for elementary school teachers and a 6% increase in demand for secondary school teachers.

      Ohio Teaching Salaries (2015)
      • Elementary: $58,490 per year
      • Secondary: $59,570 per year
      • Post-Secondary: $56,770 per year
      Statistics provided by the BLS, 2015