Masters in Education Programs in California

Teachers in the Golden State are some of the best paid in the country, with average salaries in the mid-sixties. And with one of the largest school systems in the country to boot, one might think there would be ample opportunity for teachers in California. But the state has been shedding teaching jobs in recent years, laying off educators by the thousands as it wrestles with budget woes.

Still the state is suffering from a teacher shortage in several key areas, including English language arts, math, music, and special education, and job hunters with the right expertise and degree, such as a masters in education degree, might have an easier time seeking employment than others.

Teachers who possess a master's degree are typically paid more than those who don't.

Below is a list of Masters of Education programs in California. Use the links to request information from schools that you are interested in, or use the nearby state links below to find additional Masters of Education programs in states near you.

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Learning Outcomes for Master's in Education Programs

In many ways, a Master's degree in education is meant to help graduates think more deeply about the issues and societal factors affecting education. Educational policy and practices that address these factors will likely be covered in most California Master's degree in education programs. Students should develop the skills needed to create solutions that bring about educational justice in their classroom and in their school at large. Much of your time in this type of program may be spent covering educational research, and many programs hope to create students that can engage in productive dialogue about educational research and policies.

Several Master's in Education programs in California emphasize the historical aspect of education. Those completing the program should have a strong grasp of the struggles faced by the field of education in the past, as well as how those struggles have shaped the field into what it is today. Another important role that Master's degree students hold is that of a scholar-practitioner, which is to say that you should feel comfortable looking at the research in your field from a scholarly view as well as applying that research to the classrooms in which you teach every day. This often involves the ability to collaborate with other educators.

Curriculum for Master's in Education Programs

The classes taken during a Master's in Education program depend largely on whether students specialize in a broad field like curriculum/instruction or a more focused field like special education. However, between the different specialties, many classes are similar. You are likely to take research courses like Research Methodologies and Directed Research in Education. These courses may give the students the ability to read and interpret research. As you work through the curriculum, you may use this information to conduct your own educational research. Leadership is another core part of Master's in Education programs. Seminar courses like Educational Leadership and Leadership Change in Education can give graduate students the ability to take on leadership roles within different educational institutions.

Several core courses in this type of program bring students' attention to social justice and cultural issues. One or multiple classes may be required, including Cultural Pluralism in Education and Social Justice & Teaching for Equity. These courses help educators step into their students' shoes to see how their cultural and social upbringing can affect the way in which they learn. In turn, you may learn how to overcome barriers of different types to offer a fair and equal educational experience.

Selected Master's degree programs in California

Fresno Pacific University. Fresno Pacific offers a number of master's degrees in areas such as math education, reading/language arts, and special education, among others.

Mount Saint Mary's College. Mount Saint Mary's offers Master of Science education degrees in elementary, secondary, and special education.

Pepperdine University. Pepperdine offers Master of Education degrees that can be completed in one or two years. In some programs, night and weekend classes are available.