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Follow the links below to find schools offering different types of teacher education programs in North Dakota. If you are trying to become a teacher, and you plan on working in North Dakota, you should definitely take a look at the Department of Education's website. The individual states make a lot of their own decisions about how teachers need to be prepared.

Also, as a rule, you should contact multiple schools if you are seriously considering going back for a degree or certificate in education. There can sometimes be very significant differences in tuition, admissions requirements, and so on, even between schools that you might think are very similar. So, it's always a good idea to contact a number of schools and do a little comparison shopping.


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All over the country, news of the teacher shortage is making headlines. A growing number of people are realizing that teachers are the key to the future, and that unfortunately, there aren't enough of them. North Dakota, thanks to its remote layout and abundance of rural communities, has been hit extremely hard by the teacher shortage. This includes both private and public schools.

If you think your skills and knowledge could make you a great elementary, secondary, or special education teacher, learn more about teaching programs in North Dakota.

Teacher Education in North Dakota

As you look through our list of teaching programs in North Dakota, you should start thinking about what grade level you would like to teach. This is one of the biggest decisions of your career, as it decides what type of license you earn and what jobs you can apply for after graduation. You may wish to look into undergraduate, graduate, and certification programs, depending on how much school you have completed in the past.

Looking over the curricula for education programs can give you some insight into what you may learn as a teaching student. Focusing on elementary education may give you a chance to take courses like Educating Exceptional Individuals, Principles of Teaching, Teaching Literacy in a Diverse Classroom, Speech and Hearing Development, and Childhood Development. Quite a few of your courses may also contain a practical experience component.

There are numerous financial aid programs for teachers, from those available at individual schools to those funded by the federal government. The North Dakota United Foundation awards thousands of dollars in scholarships every year.

Teaching Careers in North Dakota

In North Dakota, the need for teaching professionals seems to be growing more quickly than it is across the country. Job openings for elementary school teachers may grow 6% faster than the national average through 2022 (O*Net, 2015). Anticipated growth for secondary school teaching jobs is 5% above the national average (O*Net, 2015).

North Dakota has several organizations that bring teachers together for advocacy and support purposes. Consider joining a local group like North Dakota United.

North Dakota Teaching Salaries (2015)
  • Elementary: $47,710 per year
  • Secondary: $48,150 per year
  • Post-Secondary: $51,440 per year
Statistics provided by the BLS, 2015