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Follow the links below to find schools offering different types of teacher education programs in Nevada. If you are trying to become a teacher, and you plan on working in Nevada, you should definitely take a look at the Department of Education's website. The individual states make a lot of their own decisions about how teachers need to be prepared.

Also, as a rule, you should contact multiple schools if you are seriously considering going back for a degree or certificate in education. There can sometimes be very significant differences in tuition, admissions requirements, and so on, even between schools that you might think are very similar. So, it's always a good idea to contact a number of schools and do a little comparison shopping.


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You can tell what is important to a society if you just look at where it spends its money. A state that spends money on entertainment and big business while neglecting education, for example, does not understand the value of a good teacher. Luckily, this is not the case in Nevada.

In fact, the state legislature recently decided to raise $1.3 billion to support the public education system. If you want to become a teacher, staying in a state with a strong support system for teachers is highly recommended.

Learn more about this field by reaching out to teaching programs in Nevada.

Teacher Education in Nevada

In order to be a successful teacher who adapts to changes in expectations while still putting students first, you'll need to get a high quality education. This starts with a Bachelor's degree, but those who have already earned an undergraduate degree may also look into Master's degree or certification program options. Before you start working in a classroom independently, you must apply for and receive a teaching license in Nevada.

Your program's curriculum should thoroughly prepare you for the world of teaching, teaching certification, and education standards in Nevada. While earning an elementary education degree, you may focus on courses like Mathematics for Elementary Teachers, Inclusive Classrooms, Creating and Managing Learning Environments, Assessment Literacy, and Educational Policies. Furthermore, in classes that focus on practical teaching experience, you may learn how to work with students and education professionals to accomplish specific goals.

Through professional associations, schools, and financial aid programs, you may find plenty of financial aid programs to help you get through school. Teach Nevada is one of the largest teaching associations in Nevada, and as a result, it offers lots of grants and scholarships to student members.

Teaching Careers in Nevada

A major part of success in education is learning from others' experience—you only have 40 hours a week in the classroom, so you have to take what you can from experienced teachers and what they have to offer. You can make valuable connections and go to training events through the Nevada State Education Association.

Across Nevada, job growth rates are right on par with national statistics. Elementary school teachers may experience a 12% increase in job openings, while special education teachers may see a 5% boost through 2022 (O*Net).

Teaching Salaries in Nevada (2015)
  • Elementary: $52,900 per year
  • Secondary: $53,200 per year
  • Post-Secondary: $45,970 per year
Statistics provided by the BLS, 2015