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Follow the links below to find schools offering different types of teacher education programs in Montana. If you are trying to become a teacher, and you plan on working in Montana, you should definitely take a look at the Department of Education's website. The individual states make a lot of their own decisions about how teachers need to be prepared.

Also, as a rule, you should contact multiple schools if you are seriously considering going back for a degree or certificate in education. There can sometimes be very significant differences in tuition, admissions requirements, and so on, even between schools that you might think are very similar. So, it's always a good idea to contact a number of schools and do a little comparison shopping.


Aptly nicknamed the Treasure State for its abundance of mineral wealth, Montana’s open spaces are today largely used for farming. The state is possibly best known for Custer’s Last Stand at the Battle of Little Big Horn in 1869. The site is a popular tourist attraction along with Yellowstone National Park and the state’s many glaciers and streams. Teachers in Montana do not earn as much as those in many other states, but the state has taken steps to improve teacher education and the public school system and encourages teachers to seek advanced degrees.

Teacher Education in Montana

Prospective teachers can choose from nearly 10 schools offering diverse specialties as well as several options for graduate study, including doctorates and education specialist degrees. The state offers several scholarships for teachers as do private organizations.

Teaching Careers in Montana

According to 2010 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, teacher pay varies between $34,300 and $43,000, with the mean annual wage $37,710. The state enacted education reforms to improve public schools, however, so salaries for teachers and administrators have risen faster than the national average.

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