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Pennsylvania teachers with bachelor's degrees can be issued a "Level I" teaching license, which is valid for six years. However, after that, if they want to continue teaching they are required to convert their "Level I" certificates to "Level II." Part of reaching "Level II" certification includes at least 24 hours of education past their bachelor's degrees, so many PA teachers start work toward their masters' degrees as soon as they find a teaching position. This way, Pennsylvania teachers don't have to worry about rushing to complete graduate education before their licenses lapse. Pennsylvania schools offer a number of master's of education programs that teachers can use to earn their "Level II" licenses and improve their classroom instruction.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania offers a master's of education program, which is available to teachers with either "Level I" or "Level II" certification. This unique program is given to cohorts of students, who take all classes together. Classes are offered at convenient times for working teachers. At Penn State, teachers can earn a master's of education in adult education completely online. They can also earn a graduate certificate in distance education if they are planning on pursuing teaching for online programs. Students who would rather go to an on-campus graduate school can choose the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education, which offers a number of master's in education programs. Some of those programs are available in areas as unique as language and literacy and intercultural communication.

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