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The Sunshine State has one of the largest school systems in the country, with more than 4,000 public schools in nearly 70 districts. Pay scales vary wildly from district to district - teachers in the Union County district make, on average, around $14,000 less per year than their counterparts in the Monroe county district. But in general, a master's degree in Florida will give you a sizeable boost in salary. Teachers who have one make an average of around $8,000 more per year than those without, according to the Florida Department of Education.

Each year, the state surveys school districts to identify which subject areas are facing critical teacher shortages. For the last four years, the list has remained the same: middle and high school math, middle and high school science, middle and high school English, reading, exceptional student education, English for speakers of other languages, foreign languages, and technology education/industrial arts. While having a degree in one of these areas doesn't guarantee employment in the state, it can make the job search a whole lot easier.

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Learning Outcomes for Master's in Education Programs

Earning a Master's degree in education in Florida can be a rewarding experience that may take your teaching career to the next level. To succeed in this endeavor, it's important to be aware of your school's learning outcomes and goals. In Florida, Master's in Education (MAED) students are encouraged to look at education through a broader lens by examining how administrators, teachers, society, and parents all contribute to a child's education. At this degree level, you may also be expected to address educational gaps caused by a student's circumstances, background, or educational needs.

In a graduate-level degree program, you'll likely be expected to become a leader in your instructional field. Whether you study English, science, math, or another field, a Master's degree in education should enhance your knowledge and understanding. In turn, this may allow you to more effectively teach your students. Students also look critically at educational policy—who makes educational policies, how these decisions are made, and how they play out in the classroom. Your program may emphasize leadership so that you can become a key player in educational policy and administration. For a fuller understanding of the field of educational policy, your school may require you to learn about the history of teaching in the United States and how education research has changed over the years.

Curriculum for Master's in Education Programs

You can plan on completing a rigorous, multi-faceted curriculum in your Florida Master's in Education program. While each school tends to have its own focus, you can still plan on taking courses in leadership, instructional techniques, education history, and research. Advanced Foundations of Education is a common course at this level. You may look at the issues affecting the field today and how various influences impact the field of education. You'll probably have to complete a course like Educational Assessment and Technology. Classes like this one help teaching students develop the skills to assess students and use technology to heighten a student's learning experience.

Another teaching methodology course you may be required to take is Foundations and Management of Classroom Instruction. This course digs into the many instructional methods used in the modern classroom, what role each method plays at different age levels, and how each method relates to the different learning styles of students. The information gained in this course may help you in another required course: U.S. Curricular Trends and Issues. This class specifically looks at teaching trends and policies in America. To become a leader in your institution, you may take a class like Leadership in Education and Teaching.

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Florida State University. Florida State offers a wide array of graduate education programs, including degrees in elementary education, English education, social science education, and special education. The school's college of education also offers counseling, leadership, and policy degrees, in addition to Master of Science in teaching degrees aimed at people who have bachelor's degrees in other fields.

University of Tampa. The University of Tampa boasts that its alumni rank first in the state, based on their students' standardized test scores. The school offers Master of Education degrees for state-certified teachers, and Master of Arts in teaching degrees for those without state certification to teach.

University of North Florida. The University of North Florida offers graduate programs in counselor education, educational leadership, elementary education, secondary education, and special education.

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