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The only available alternative route to teacher licensure in the state of Vermont is called license by evaluation or peer review. This is a portfolio-based procedure that requires candidates to demonstrate subject area mastery as well as mastery of the state-defined 16 principles of Vermont educators. Candidates must have a bachelor's degree or above to be eligible for the peer review process. They also must attend monthly clinics at the Department of Education in Montpelier that provide information and support for the process.

Once admitted to the peer review process, candidates compile a portfolio of materials that demonstrates their specific skills, competencies and accomplishments as they relate to the content area for which licensure is sought.

When the portfolio is complete, the candidate may advance to the three-stage evaluation process. In the first stage, panel members evaluate the candidate's portfolio. If the portfolio is deemed satisfactory, the candidate advances to stage two for a face-to-face interview with the panel. Following the interview, the panel evaluates the candidate's performance and makes a recommendation for or against licensure.

The cost of the peer review process is $1200 plus a $40 application fee.

According to 2009 statistics reported by the State of Vermont Department of Education and compiled by the National Center for Alternative Certification, 90 percent of the candidates who begin the alternative licensure process in Vermont also complete the program and are granted certification.

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