Become a teacher with an Alternative Certification Program in DC

There are more routes into District of Columbia classrooms than ever before.

Until recently, aspiring teachers in the D.C. area were limited to traditional teacher preparation programs through colleges and universities.

But in 2008, the DC State Board of Education approved new licensure regulations that opened the door for local education agencies and non-profit agencies to work with the board to develop alternative licensure routes.

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As of 2010, the board had approved at least five alternative certification programs. Several other approved programs provide both traditional and alternative teacher preparation routes.

One of those approved programs is the Urban Teacher Center, which holds its teacher trainees accountable for demonstrable gains in student achievement in high-need schools. Program candidates must have a proven track record of leadership and academic success. Once admitted to the program, they must demonstrate an ability to improve student performance in small group settings before they will be placed in a classroom. Upon successful completion of the program, which requires demonstrated student performance gains over a two-year period, candidates receive a master's degree and full professional certification.

Another option is the DC Teaching Fellows, a highly competitive program that trains professionals and recent college graduates to become teachers in high-need schools throughout DC. The program is a partnership between D.C. Public Schools (DCPS) and The New Teacher Project (TNTP), a national nonprofit which provides kids in high-need areas with qualified teachers. Program participants attend an intensive training institute to prepare for entry into the classroom. Once employed, participants complete their certification coursework through TNTP.

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