Teaching Careers

Welcome to the most comprehensive and easily searchable database on the Web of Teacher Education Programs (both degree and certificate). Teaching is a huge field (approximately 6 million teachers currently in the workforce, and more looking to join every day), and it contains within it a very large range of possible specialties. Teachers can specialize by grade level, subject, population, and numerous other categories.

Teaching Careers by Grade Level

Teachers are usually certified for one or more grade levels, which may include Early Childhood Education (usually defined as Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 3), Elementary Education, and Secondary (High School) Education.

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Teaching Careers by Subject

Remember when you were in high school? Well, there are even more subjects to choose from these days. In addition to the old standards, like English Education, History Education, Math Education, Science Education, Art Education, and Music Education, there are options such as Vocational Education, Foreign Language Education, and Business Education.

Teaching Careers by Population

The education field has made great advances in developing ways to effectively teach certain populations of students. Two of the most common (and most popular) specializations of this type are English as a Second Language / Bilingual Education and Special Education.

Other Teaching Careers

Numerous other programs are available in fields such as School Administration, Instructional Technology, School Counseling, and Physical Education.