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About University of Phoenix

We're here because you're ready to learn.

I'm looking for a university that will give me a solid education with real-world application.

We've found that students who are ready to learn come to University of Phoenix. They see us as an accredited academic institution that can help them gain the knowledge and skills they're looking for as they pursue opportunity.

We offer a range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs with a relevant curriculum and experienced faculty who work in the fields they teach. Students like you are looking for education that makes sense: blending academic theory with real-world, practical application.

Thousands have walked through our doors or gone online to learn and graduate. You could be next. Request more information to find out how you can pursue your dream-through higher education.

About Us

We believe everyone deserves access to higher education.

In 1976, John Sperling founded University of Phoenix so working men and women could go to college and earn their degree. What began in Phoenix, Arizona, grew to become the largest private university in North America with more than 200 locations. Now, students come here for an education that is relevant to their lives, and to the world around them.

Whether you go to class online or on campus, you'll find:

  • Class times that fit with your work, family and social life.
  • Small class sizes for engaging discussion and interaction with your classmates and instructor.
  • Faculty who combine their personal knowledge of the field with proven academic theory.
  • Up-to-date curriculum that is developed in collaboration with faculty and industry experts.
  • Personalized student support from a team of advisors who help you from enrollment to graduation.
  • A world-class online library that is available 24/7, so you have access to scholarly research, when you want.

How it Works

There's more than one way to earn a degree. Find out what works for you.


I don't have free time. I work. I have kids. I run a household. But I want my degree. University of Phoenix exists because there are thousands of people like you who want an education, but can't afford to put life on hold for four, or more, years. Many of our students are working adults who have families and demanding schedules.

Everyone at University of Phoenix — your classmates, instructors and advisors — understands the sacrifices you're making to get your degree. Our learning model reflects this. We help you fit school into your life. That means you can take classes online, on campus or both.

It's still a lot of work, and we definitely won't say it's easy. But getting your degree is possible — if you're willing to work hard and be a little creative with your time.

Our schedule adapts to your schedule. Flexibility. Another reason to become a Phoenix.

We believe that every adult deserves the opportunity to earn a college degree. University of Phoenix was established to provide options for a high-quality, higher education.

Online learning.

Go to class online from anywhere you want.

  • Online learning lets you "participate" in class through online forums.
  • You access reading materials, lectures, questions and assignments from your instructor online, so you can study when — and where — you want.
  • Build teamwork skills by collaborating online on assignments with your learning team.

While widely available, not all programs are available in all locations or in both online and on-campus formats. Please check with a University Enrollment Advisor.

Earn your degree one course at a time.

My life doesn't operate on the semester schedule.

University of Phoenix offers higher education that's designed for working students — and our year-round schedule reflects this. Instead of the traditional college course load, you take one course at a time. And, you can begin your degree program almost any month of the year. It's hard enough to squeeze a degree program into your already-packed schedule, but we make it possible.

Life can be complicated. Earning your degree shouldn't be. Earning your degree one course at a time. Another reason to become a Phoenix.

When it comes to paying for college, you have options.

Let's face it, college is expensive. But, that's no excuse for not going to school. There are a lot of ways to pay for your education - including grants, scholarships, loans, payment plans and more.

Options include:

  • Federal Financial Aid
    We participate in many federal student aid programs, including the low-interest Stafford Student Loan, the PLUS Loan and the Pell Grant. There is no charge for processing financial aid applications. Your Enrollment Advisor can discuss these options and walk you through the process while helping you with your application for admission.
  • Financing Options
    We offer numerous options for financing your education. Our cash-paying plans let you pay for one course or block at a time — rather than an entire semester or year at once. Alternatively, pre-paying tuition will guarantee that your rate will not increase for the duration of your program.
  • Company Funding
    University of Phoenix is eligible for most company reimbursement programs. In fact, many of our students receive all or part of their tuition from their employers.


University of Phoenix is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. University of Phoenix was placed on Notice by The Higher Learning Commission, effective June 27, 2013. Notice is a Commission sanction indicating that an institution is pursuing a course of action that, if continued, could lead it to be out of compliance with one or more Criteria for Accreditation. An institution on Notice remains accredited. At the end of the Notice period, The Higher Learning Commission Board of Trustees may remove the sanction, place the institution on Probation if the identified concerns have not been addressed, or take other action. For additional information, contact The Higher Learning Commission,

A recent study from Georgetown University found that, on average, college graduates earn $1 million more in earnings over their lifetime. (Source: 2017 Study by Georgetown University)
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