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The Master of Arts in Art Education is intended for students interested in pursuing advanced study in art education and who hold an undergraduate degree in art education, art studio, art history, design, or related fields. The two-year, 36-credit program emphasizes the development of a comprehensive, critical understanding of the field of art education, while also allowing students the freedom to pursue an area of specialization including art advocacy, art criticism, art history, studio art, assessment and evaluation, child growth and development, community arts, curriculum theory, museum education, philosophy of art education, technology, or art education research.

The mission of the UF graduate program in art education is to develop art educators who thrive within varied 21st century learning environments and to provide a thorough understanding of the ways in which art education has and continues to evolve in response to changing cultural, economic, social, political, and technological conditions.

The program aims to develop leaders within the field of art education who demonstrate reflective, critical thought and scholarship as well as a commitment to their ongoing professional development. In addition, our graduate program aims to produce art educators who are aware of the benefits and challenges of promoting democratic values in our culturally diverse society. These educators will demonstrate the ability to cultivate critical thinking skills in others and to assert art's role in fostering multi-cultural and intercultural understandings.

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