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  • Why Get A Master’s Degree

    by Brendon O'Neill on July 18,2016
    Whether you are mapping out your undergraduate level education or currently work as a licensed teacher, it can be a good career move to earn your master’s degree in education.

  • 10 Ways Technology is Re-shaping Education

    by Brendon O'Neill on June 21,2016
    Here are 10 ways technology is re-shaping the way students learn, and what we can expect to come in the future.

  • What Do Physical Education Teachers Do

    by Brendon O'Neill on June 07,2016
    The role of Physical Education (PE) teachers has changed over the years as students face different kinds of health challenges than previous generations, and new knowledge about health has come to light.

  • 10 Methods of Engaging Students

    by Chelsea Dunning on May 18,2016
    Refresh yourself on some of the ways to engage and retain the attention of your students by reading these 10 methods of engagement.

  • Educators as Trusted Mentors

    by Chelsea Dunning on April 21,2016
    One of the most important qualities of a teacher is the ability to connect and manage a large group of children in one room.

  • Educational Learning Theories

    by Chelsea Dunning on March 14,2016
    While studying to become a teacher, whether in a bachelor’s degree or alternative certificate program, you will learn about learning theories.

  • Education Reform Trends In 2016

    by Chelsea Dunning on January 27,2016
    With every political election come promises from candidates of policy changes and reforms in public areas to better benefit the people of the United States.

  • Becoming an Expert Teacher

    by Chelsea Dunning on January 27,2016
    Have you decided a teaching career is the right path for you, but are not sure what subject or age level is your best fit? Find what you need to know to make the best decision possible.

  • How To Get Your Alternative Teaching Certificate

    by Chelsea Dunning on December 14,2015
    Find out the best way to achieve your dreams and become a teacher in your second career. What you need to know to make the best decision possible.

  • Becoming a Teacher in Your Second Career

    by Sarah Landrum on May 21,2015
    Find out the best way to achieve your dreams and become a teacher in your second career. What you need to know to make the best decision possible.

  • What is the Difference Between EdD and PhD in Education?

    by Chelsea Dunning on May 12,2015
    Learn the major differences between a Doctorate in Education (E.d.D) and a Ph.D. in Education. What you need to know to make the right decision for your future.

  • What It Takes to Become a Principal

    by Josh Coburn on August 13,2014
    Learn what it takes to become a principal at the elementary, junior high, or high school level as well as what is expected of many principals regardless of what level they are the administrator over.

  • The Need for Special Education Teachers

    by Susan Melgren on March 14,2014
    The U.S. has an increasing need for special education teachers. Consider making a difference in the field of education by becoming a special education teacher.

  • An Introduction to the Common Core State Standards

    by Susan Melgren on February 20,2014
    Learn more about the history of the Common Core State Standards, who they affect, how they're being implemented, and some of the controversy surrounding them.

  • Should You Pursue a Master's in Education?

    by Alisha Hipwell

  • Becoming a Teacher: Is Alternative Certification for You?

    by Alisha Hipwell